Women have always found ways to adorn their bodies; earrings come from ancient times where women found many inventive ways to make and wear earrings. In history though, earrings of precious metals and precious stones were always reserved for the aristocracy. Ordinary people had to make do with base metals and inferior stones. The 20th century changed everything and beautiful diamond earrings became available to all, not only the rich.

Allure of diamonds

Nothing states class and sophistication more than a pair of diamond earrings. What makes diamond earrings so versatile is that you can dress up or down and still wear them. You do not have to wear a ball gown to wear a stunning, simplistic pair of diamond studs. They look just as beautiful with a pair of jeans or a sundress and bare feet. Marlows understands how important it is for women to wear diamond earrings of superior quality and craftsmanship.

We cater to all the different styles that women find appealing in our wide range of diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are a very personal statement for every woman, which is why the choice, whether it is dropper or stud earrings, is so important.

Women want to show their individuality with their choice of earrings; the setting, the metal and the cut of the diamond. That is why at Marlows you can pick whether you want yellow or white gold as a setting. You can also choose the size of the diamonds to personalise your earrings further.