Family heirlooms are a great way of cementing the bond between generations, and what better choice of heirloom than a diamond. Diamonds are the the most precious stone in the world, and are also one symbolic of durability, faithfulness and steadfastness – an ideal symbol of family togetherness.

Whilst it the value of an heirloom is often transcendent, and reaches beyond financial value to be instead often more about a sentiment. Exchanging such a valuable item as a diamond between generations has a certain mystique, and is something that your children and your children’s children will be bedazzled to receive.

Of course, the other advantage of purchasing a diamond for an heirloom is that diamonds are a great investment, and will hold their value long into the future. Which means that when the time comes to pass the diamond down through the family you will always have the option of exchanging the diamond for a good financial reward.

When choosing a diamond for an heirloom you might consider loose cut diamonds; there are several advantages in doing this. For example, their value will be a little more stable than set diamonds and less subject to the whims of fashion, also diamonds have an inherent durability and will therefore last for years to come.

You may want an heirloom that is a little more wearable. However, in which case at Marlows Certified Diamonds we’ve got loads of dazzling items on offer, such as diamond pendant earrings and diamond rings, as well as a wide selection of loose stones.