When Marilyn Monroe crooned the words, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, she wasn’t exaggerating. One just has to look at advertisements for diamonds where beautiful women are draped only in diamonds to believe that nothing else is necessary.

We adorn our bodies with diamonds, from sparkling wrist jewelery to stunning rings and pendants that are designed to show off our cleavages, why not have diamonds dripping for our ears as well. There is no such things as too many diamonds.

Whether your taste runs to classically simple studs or the more adventurous chandelier or pendant earrings which throw out their light as we move, it is all a matter of personal taste. Whether your choice of diamond earrings is part of a set that matches your necklace or a stand alone token of someone’s love for you, what diamond earrings all have in common is that they are meant to enhance and beautify.

It wasn’t always this way

Earrings had a rather more practical purpose. One purpose according to the Magical Arts was that earrings were worn to protect us from evil spirits should they decide to enter out body through the opening of our ears.

Earrings were also worn by slaves as a symbol of slavery. Earrings have come along way from being steeped in mysticism to emblazoning ones status in life,

Today a pair of diamond earrings are just that, they hold no connotations except for the personal and monetary value of the wearer. Every woman deserves to have a pair of diamond earrings adorning her ears.