When beginning to buy diamonds, many people’s first purchase is a pair of diamond earrings. Whether as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you know that a pair of diamond earrings will never date because they are a real classic.

The cuts for diamond earrings are similar to those for single stone rings, so simply decide the shape you would like and it can be made up for you. Some people prefer single studs, others may prefer dropper earrings to give more movement, often with a shaped stone such as a tear drop diamond on the end.

The setting of the earring that can sometimes be visible, can be made from any precious metal, and gold and platinum are popular choices. Often a stud has a butterfly at the back to hold the earring in place. If you plan to keep the earrings for a lifetime, make sure your preference for the colour of the metal setting is adhered to, as you will want to wear these beauties again and again. We advise that larger diamond stud earrings are fixed with screw fittings for increased security.

As to the size of the earring, it is often helpful to take a look at the type of earring that you normally buy, or the ones that are most worn by your loved one, for whom you are buying the gift. If they tend to go for small neat round studs, then this is probably the way forward when investing in diamond earrings, a little larger, and you might want to move up a few sizes.