No matter what the occasion, earrings make a great gift. Almost every girl loves a pair of earrings. With so many earrings on the market, the selection is huge, meaning that there is a pair that suits everyone.

What earrings make the perfect gift?

You can choose from a great range of studs with different metals, colours and sized stones. Studs are very versatile, and because they are so small, they suit anyone. Sophisticated diamond studs can be purchased here at Marlows where you get real value for money. These earrings make perfect gifts for a spouse or a female relative or friend.

Sleeper earrings are ideal for people who do not like changing or removing their earrings. They can be worn while sleeping, swimming and taking part in just about any activity.

When planning on buying earrings as a gift, you will find that tear drops make excellent presents. They are simple enough to be worn by all age groups and not that expensive. Tear drops look best in gold, but silver ones, which are much cheaper, also are quite cute.

Hoops are also a big trend amongst young ladies. These hoops are available in gold, silver and even platinum. Some hoops are plain while others are encrusted with diamonds.

Chandelier earrings are also big sellers. The great thing about chandelier earrings is that all designs are so creative and unique. They come in any shade and can be worn casually or to complete a smart elegant outfit. No matter how they are worn, they make fantastic accessories as well as fun gifts.