Diamond engagement rings – we love them! We hope you enjoyed popping into our store to pick out the perfect one amongst all our engagement rings, but most of all… we hope she said yes! The proposal itself is only part of the process, and whilst it’s imperative to get it right, post-proposal there are a whole host of other engagement-related considerations. Here are a few of our expert tips to make your engagement joyful and bright.

Before you go picking out wedding rings, be mindful of other people’s feelings. We don’t mean old high school boyfriends and ex-girlfriends from university, but rather your respective friends and families. An engagement – particularly an unexpected one – can frankly be a bit of a shock for some folks. Try not be offended by other people’s indifference or apparent lack of emotion. Expecting every friend and family member to instantly love your fiancé upon initially meeting them could prove difficult. It’s most likely that they wish you all the joy in the world, however a little time and tact is always advised.

After sharing the good news with your immediate families and close friends it’s time to announce your engagement to everybody else, most commonly via the local newspaper announcement section. It’s traditional for the bride and her family to deal with this side of the admin (after all, the groom and only just finished the important task of choosing the perfect diamonds!), including announcement in the groom’s local newspaper.