In many relationships there comes a time when one party invests in a diamond engagement ring, pops down on one knee and changes everything. Our team are very experienced in such matters of the heart. They’re great with nervous potential fiancés trying to choose between gold engagement rings, multi stone engagement rings and custom engagement rings! Here are their top five titbits of advice for every proposal:

1. Find the perfect ring (by any means necessary!) Enlist friends or family to pin down your partner’s trend preference, cut, stone, metal setting etc. Remember to insure the diamond ring as soon as it’s bought.

2. Timing is everything. Wandering home after a long day and proposing over a cup of tea could be perfect for you, or perhaps your partner is more of a hopeless romantic? Take a good look at the calendar before picking a suitable time.

3. Plan! The story of how you proposed will likely be one told for a lifetime. Get creative and try to make it a moment apart from any other.

4. It’s only words… but your partner will love to hear them. Plan your speech and run through it plenty of times to give you confidence.

5. Plan a celebration! Our team love grooms who plan a little secret party to celebrate with their new fiancé and friends. Whisk her away for a romantic meal… then stop by a location where your wonderful friends and family have secretly gathered to celebrate your planned union, and it will also allow her to show off her new diamond engagement ring.