Choosing engagement rings is no easy task at the best of times, and choosing custom engagement rings with all the thought and effort required is harder still, so kudos to you for making this decision.

Some men might say, why bother with custom engagement rings? It’s more effort, more money and more stress!

They are, of course, precisely right. This is why your bride-to-be (not to mention her mother, her sisters and her friends) will be overwhelmed by the ring and your decision to design it just for her.

In order to make the experience successful, here are some useful pointers when going through the process:

1. Stick to your budget. However thoughtful and wonderful diamond rings are, they won’t be welcomed if it transpires that you spent half of the money saved up for the honeymoon/flat deposit/children’s school fees in getting it

2. Keep your partner’s tastes in mind. If she wears discreet jewellery then creating larger diamond engagement rings is going to be a waste, as it will undoubtedly be considered too ‘flashy’

3. Get some feedback. Unless you are completely confident you’ll probably need to get a little advice from your partner’s sisters, friends or mother

4. Be creative! You don’t need to stick to the same formula of a trio of diamonds. The whole point of creating unique engagement rings is to personalise it. You could incorporate her favourite gemstone into multi stone engagement rings, her favourite colour or her birthstone.