There’s so much controversy surrounding the purchase of diamonds these days as multi-millionaire pop starts and rap stars buy them as part of their dress up jewellery. With the huge demand for diamonds these days it is very easy to look the other way and pretend not to know the difference between certified diamonds and conflict diamonds.

There’s much more to it though than just the tragic story of blood diamonds. By purchasing certified diamonds you qualify for a guarantee on your purchase. Should you not be happy with the quality, or should you find a flaw in the diamond, you’re then able to take it back to the specialist and have it replaced.

Certified diamonds are essentially your way of showing the world that although the lure is there to do wrong, you choose to do right. Many people have lost their lives mining for diamonds that they never get to see a penny from. Marlows only deals with certified diamonds because we have set our standards higher than some other diamond retailers.

Being certified means you can resell it

If you have purchased certified diamonds and find that you need to sell them one day, the fact that they’re certified means that you will have no trouble reselling them. Our guarantees here at Marlows for the certified diamonds that we sell are written so you will always have proof of how genuine your purchase is.