All of our diamonds are certified diamonds, but what does that mean to you and what does it mean to your ladylove when you give her the gift of Marlows Certified Diamonds? After all, people buy diamond jewellery or diamonds every single day, why is certification so important and so special? It is all in the paperwork and sometimes it is absolutely amazing how much power a little piece of paper can have.

Insight to paper power

Paper, although thin and very fragile, is a powerful element in this world. Think about your identity document, your passport, money, court and legal papers, registration forms. All of this is paperwork and all of it is incredibly important in your life and in the lives of others around the UK and across the globe. Papers that certify one of our diamonds is just as important as any of those.

A certification certificate verifies that the diamond is real and tells you all about the quality, cut and more. It is almost like an identity document for a certified diamond. So why is it important to give your girl a diamond with an ID document in tow?

Well, it lets her know that you went through effort to pick out the perfect gift just for her. It is proof of the real value of the diamond, whether singular or in jewellery. She will cherish the gift of a certified diamond, but she will prize the gift of Marlows Certified Diamonds even more. That is the power of that little piece of paper.