When you buy diamonds, regardless of whether it is a diamond ring, earrings or necklace, it is important that you buy certified diamonds. It is the smart way to buy diamonds for many reasons. Because they are certified, a lot of information is provided about the diamonds. This information is given in a report supplied by a laboratory expert such as the GIA, Gemmological Institute of America or the IGI, the international Gemmological Institute.

The type of information you will be able to get about your diamonds is where they originated from, the carat, the colour of the diamond, the cut and clarity. This information guarantees you that your stone is a genuine, high quality diamond. Not only this, you will be able to acquire the market value of the diamond and it also makes insurance a much easier process.

Where to buy certified diamonds

There are many jewellers that supply diamonds. When looking to buy diamonds from shops with no real reputation, you should be very wary as to what you buy. It is unwise to by diamonds that have not been certified. You have to be aware of where your diamonds are from and sure that they have been mined in an acceptable manner.

Certified diamonds can be found here at Marlows. With every purchase, you will get a report stating a true description of your diamonds. You do not have to be concerned about anything, here at Marlows we ensure that our customers can purchase their diamonds with perfect peace of mind.