Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and there are four words every girl should know when buying diamonds, known as the four Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, cost and carat. Now, there’s a fifth and rather important C: certification.

Diamond certification refers to a report issued by two institutions (Gem Trading Laboratory and the International Gemmological Institute) as a basis of verification that confirms the authenticity of the stones, as well as information about the carat, cut and clarity. It also provides facts about the measurements and whether or not it is fluorescent under ultraviolet light. Having diamonds certified also ensures a standard structure of diamond pricing.

As one of the United Kingdom’s foremost diamond specialists, we strive to bridge the gap between diamonds and consumers at a fully affordable cost, more so than most other dealers. Our collection of certified diamonds is now available for procurement online. This is a convenient method of choosing the best and most affordable diamonds for you, as well as having access to information that will prove they are indeed certified diamonds. This is your guarantee that these precious stones are 100% real, endorsed and ready to be yours.

In today’s sceptic world, a diamond buyer must exercise extreme caution if you choose to purchase their diamonds online, especially in ensuring that they actually are certified diamonds. This is why, at Marlows, you are assured to get full value for your money. We are a well established business and have been for over three generations, and we offer only the highest quality in certified diamonds.