Buying diamonds online is an easy and simple way of purchasing. Online jewellers provide amazing service that is convenient. You are able to buy diamond jewellery or loose diamonds to set in your own jewellery.

Here at Marlows you are able to easily purchase your diamonds online. We provide only certified diamonds, meaning that you will know the exact facts of your diamonds. This includes cut, carat and clarity. Through this report, you are guaranteed that these diamonds are genuine and real.

You can buy your certified diamonds online here at Marlows in the form of diamond jewellery or as loose diamonds. No matter what form, these certified diamonds are offered at an affordable price.

How to know which online store to choose

The online diamond industry is booming, and this is because there has become a great demand to buy diamonds online. While buying diamonds online is easy, it can also be a quite risky. You are not always sure of who is selling quality real diamonds and who are faking it. This is why it is imperative to select an online store wisely.

Choosing an online store requires a lot of research to be done. Find out where the stores get their diamonds and whether they sell certified diamonds or not.

A good way to ensure that you have selected a reputable online jeweller is to buy from a well known dealer. Marlows is one such well known company. Specialising in diamonds, here at Marlows, we know everything about diamonds and can offer you helpful assistance and advice.