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Why Choose a Multi-Stone Ring?

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For starters, a multi-stone ring should not be limited to engagement ring as they can be used for many different occasions; even just for spoiling that special someone! Multi-stone rings can double-up as wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity rings; and all add that extra sparkle and beauty that the wearer deserves.

Multi-stone rings come with a varied different number of diamonds but typically appear on 18-carat gold bands in 4 or 6-claw settings; both of which allow plenty of light through to show the diamonds astonishing beauty.

Multi-stone rings can come with 3 to 7 diamonds and of various different diamond cuts depending on each and everyone’s own personal choice. Smaller diamond multi-stone rings are becoming increasingly popular as wedding bands as opposed to the traditional plain gold band, and it’s not hard to see why. Having extra diamonds accompanying your already sparkling engagement ring just adds to the overall beauty of your wedding ring set! Equally, wedding bands can be customized to accompany the engagement ring, particularly if the stone is of the larger diamond variety.

Multi-stone rings are also available in the more limited editions which often include a more tinted diamond in the centre; for example, a yellow diamond. This adds to the beauty of the ring and can considerably add to its overall value too.

Multi-stone rings ooze sophistication and can add a much more modern twist to your ring. Here at Marlow’s Certified Diamonds we offer a vast range of multi-stone rings that range from the limited editions to 3 to 7 stones. All of our rings are of the highest quality and every woman adorned with one will definitely be the envy of her friends!


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