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The Rise in Push Present Diamond Rings

From a father to a mother

18th August 2020

We already have engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity rings, but now British women are becoming more likely to add a fourth ring to their set of push present diamond rings. A push present is a gift given by a father to a mother to commemorate the birth of their child and can be given before or after the baby's birth.
This tradition has its roots in England and India, although it has become an extremely popular practice in the US in recent years, particularly as many celebrities have been reported to give gifts to their partners. For example, it is believed that Kanye West recently spent £500,000 on a rare black diamond tiger-stripe ring for Kim Kardashian following the birth of their unusually-named new baby girl North West. It was reported by The Sun that Kanye had the ring, which is encrusted with different coloured round diamonds, designed months ago in preparation.
According to recent research, 43 percent of British mothers now expect to receive a push present, and there are plenty of examples of our own in the celebrity world. For the birth of Prince William, Princess Diana was given a gold charm bracelet with a ‘W’ charm, to which an ‘H’ charm was added two years later following the birth of Prince Harry. TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp was given an aquamarine ring from her partner Ben Anderson when their son Oscar was born in 2008, plus another ring for their first son Bay in 2006.
It is also thought that Prince William has the Queen's permission to give heirloom royal jewellery to his wife the Duchess of Cambridge for the birth of their first child. These high profile examples are thought to have led to a rise in the industry, which is thought to be worth around £109 million in the UK alone. carried out a survey of 1,500 new mums, which found that one in ten women believe that they deserve a push present, with most opting for a diamond ring as the gift of choice.
Here at Marlows, we have plenty of multi-stone rings to choose from, although nothing as extravagant as Kanye's choice! We also offer a design of your own ring service if you want to create something more bespoke. All of our rings can be personalised to a certain degree, as you can choose the carat, colour and clarity levels for each design, as well as the metal for the band.
If you think that your partner, fiancée or wife's hand is weighed down with enough diamonds already, or her job or lifestyle means that a diamond ring isn't a practical choice, then why not choose a beautiful diamond pendant, bracelet or earrings as your push present instead? Dangly or drop earrings may not be the most practical choice for a new mother if you are thinking of a gift that she can wear every day, as an inquisitive baby may make a grab for them and cause some pain!

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