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Great Diamond Trading Centres

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The diamond and precious stone trade has always revolved around a select few cities. Surprisingly, these places are seldom where the diamonds are mined or even anywhere close to them. Because gems are such an easily transportable commodity so small for such high value the world’s great diamond markets have always been where the stones are cut, set in gold engagement rings and other jewellery, and sold. Until relatively recently that meant Europe, although now the United States and Hong Kong are the largest traders in high quality diamonds.

Up to 80% of the diamonds mined in the world today don’t go into diamond rings or earrings. They are used for scientific, industrial, and manufacturing purposes. These are primarily the ones of lower quality poorer clarity, flawed stones that do not meet the standards required for diamond rings and jewellery.

Antwerp in Belgium is widely recognised as the world capital of the high grade diamond trade, although Amsterdam is also a considerable player and home to many of the old established diamond trading and cutting centres. Although the UK only accounts for a small percentage of the global precious gem market, we have our own home of diamond rings and earrings in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. About 40% of the nation’s high quality jewellery passes through this one district.

The Jewellery Quarter not only houses our shopfronts and workshops. Many other jewellers are located there, along with a host of restaurants and retailers of outstanding quality. We welcome your custom either online or in person.


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