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When choosing a diamond ring it is often the style that attracts you (or even the size of the diamond) rather than whether it has been set in platinum or white gold or yellow gold.

Appearance is generally what sells a ring and secondly the cost. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and diamonds are no different. Deciding factors to be considered

Should you purchase a white gold or platinum diamond ring? Platinum is more costly because it is used in an almost pure state with no alloys. It is dense and heavier which makes it stronger than gold. Platinum is a white metal and does not have to be plated as it maintains its whiteness.

Pure gold would be too soft to be used for items such as rings. Gold is therefore melted (known as alloyed) with various metals to get the different colours. To obtain white gold, either nickel or palladium is used. New white gold jewellery is coated (plated) with rhodium to give it a white appearance. Over time this does fade and can be plated again.

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Platinum is rare compared to gold, and diamonds are unique precious stones. So when considering gold versus platinum diamond rings, it seems obvious that platinum and diamonds fit together like hand and glove.

Should you have sensitive skin you may have a reaction to white gold if it contains nickel. Today most white gold is mixed with palladium instead as it does not cause any skin reactions.

Marlows can create beautiful custom diamond rings set into whichever precious metal you choose. We have decades of experience in the industry so can offer plenty of useful advice too, so why not contact us today?


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