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A trend that has risen greatly in popularity recently is the diamond ring worn on the right hand. A right hand diamond ring must not be confused with the traditional diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding rings worn on the left hand. Women will always wear these special rings on the ring finger of the left hand.

The right hand diamond ring has completely different symbolism than those rings normally worn on the left hand. The designs chosen for right hand diamond rings are usually very different from designs that are popular for matrimonial rings.

Multi-stone diamond rings are the norm for a right hand ring as well as slightly smaller stones than those chosen for diamond engagement rings. We understand the need for right hand diamond rings.

That is why all our designs are offered with varying sizes in diamonds to accommodate people that look for right hand rings. Not only do we offer varying diamond sizes, but to broaden the choice most of our rings can be done in yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

Why a right hand ring?

Although seemingly unusual, right hand diamond rings are also very popular as gifts that have meanings other than engagements and weddings. It is a sign of being involved with another person and men are fond of buying a diamond ring for the right hand of their love interest, whether they are married to the lady or not.


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