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Find wedding day inspiration and proposal tips by browsing some of our latest engagement ring blog posts and resources. Learn about GIA diamonds and top advice on choosing the best stone or setting for the perfect engagement ring.

Marlows diamond not keen on your ring blog cover

Not Keen On Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

Not only is this a tricky situation for you, but it could also be extremely saddening for your partner, who is most likely pleased with their choice.

Marlows diamond how to clean blog cover

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

There are many ways to skin a cat, as the saying goes. Likewise, there are many ways to clean a diamond ring.

Marlows Diamonds right hand ring Blog Cover

A diamond for the right hand

Although seemingly unusual, right hand diamond rings are also very popular as gifts that have meanings other than engagements and weddings.

Marlows Diamonds lava diamond found Blog Cover

New Class of Large Diamonds Discovered

Several hundred large diamonds have been discovered in a small sample of frozen lava following the Tolbachik eruption in 2013, the Russian Ministry of Science has recently announced.

Marlows Diamonds why choose multistone Blog Cover

Why Choose a Multi-Stone Ring?

For starters, a multi-stone ring should not be limited to engagement rings as they can be used for many different occasions; even just for spoiling that special someone!

Marlows Diamonds cushion shape diamond Blog Cover

Cushion Shape Diamonds – The truth

A cushion shape diamond is the preferred shape for celebrities and savvy consumers. In between a traditional round shape and the square princess cut.

Marlows Diamonds The History of Engagement Rings Blog cover

The History of Engagement Rings and Their Trends

For many romantics, a diamond engagement ring is a symbol of a long-lasting love and affection; for others, an engagement ring is a symbol of commitment.

Marlows diamond diamond trading centers blog cover

Great Diamond Trading Centres

The diamond and precious stone trade has always revolved around a select few cities. Surprisingly, these places are seldom where the diamonds are mined or even anywhere close to them.

Marlows diamond thee stone diamond ring blog Cover

Your Guide to Three Stone Diamond Rings

Diamond ring styles certainly come and go, but one of the most enduring styles has been diamond trilogy rings.

Marlows diamond diamond cut cover

What Your Favourite Diamond Cut Says About You

The first thing it says is obviously that you have fabulous taste in gems, but what kind of lady loves an emerald cut, and who thinks a round brilliant stone is the only way to go?

Marlows diamond future of diamonds cover

How the diamond ring industry will be in 10 years’ time

It’s fair to say that diamond rings have definitely evolved over the years, not only in shape and finish but also in price. The more “bling” on a ring the higher the price tends to go.

Marlows diamond clarity enhanced blog cover

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

The Clarity enhancement technique in diamonds began in Russia in the 1970’s as an experiment to improve diamond quality of diamonds mined in Russia.

The Diamond Challenge blog

Getting Your Hands On A Limited Edition Ring

There are many jewellery shops that stock limited edition rings and what make them so unique could be their cut, style, colour or overall design.

Marlows diamond cwhitegold vs platinum blog cover

The difference between white gold and platinum

The decision to choose between white gold and platinum has been one of the long standing debates among couples when it comes to choosing an engagement ring.

5 Perfect Proposal Destinations in the UK cover2

5 Perfect Proposal Destinations in the UK

If you are contemplating getting down on one knee in the UK, you may be wondering about the best place to ask the all-important question.

Getting the mother in law on side cover2

Getting the mother-in-law on side

Leaving the plethora of mother-in-law jokes aside, the relationship between a man and his wife's mother can sometimes be very difficult.

Diamond his and hers wedding rings cover2

Diamond his and hers wedding rings

These days, wedding rings for men and for women are usually quite different in design. This is understandable as men and women are very different from each other.

Marlows diamonds Multi ring blog cover

A Ring Your Partner Will Love

Amidst all the excitement and happiness there is an important choice that you need to make – picking up an engagement ring for your lady love.

Marlows diamond earring blog cover

Studs versus Drops - The Perennial Earring Dilemma

Whether selecting earrings for a loved one or for yourself, the amount of choice can sometimes make the decision an even harder one to make.

Marlows wedding ring blog cover

Wedding rings that perfectly symbolise your love

Wedding Bands symbolise your bond with your spouse and you might well be wearing the items for the rest of your life.

wedding vows blog

5 Unique Ways to Say Your Wedding Vows.

In the lead up to your big wedding day, you’re likely to have guests asking you endless variety of the same questions.

Marlows Wedding Band blog Cover

The elegant simplicity of plain wedding bands

Wedding Bands come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Marlows Diamonds we offer plenty for you to choose from.

D Colour Diamond Image

The Diamond Challenge

Have you done all the research you can? Are you ready to buy the right diamond for that someone special? 100% sure you have made the right choice of diamond certificate?

Marlows Princess Cut blog cover

Princess Cut Engagement Rings – Celebrities’ Choice

When we talk about engagement rings and their specifications, princess cut engagement rings are the most famous.

diamond cluster blog image 1

Wow your partner with the perfect eternity ring

There are lots of items of jewellery on the market now, but some of the most attractive and romantic are eternity rings.

Marlows Lord of the rings blog cover

Finding the Perfect Eternity Ring

If you like it then you should put a ring on it, and we agree with Beyonce's famous words. We also think they don't just apply to engagement rings.

5 killer quora answers on diamond engagement rings

5 Ways to Wear Classic Diamonds in a Modern World

Diamonds have long been associated with classic poise and elegance. There really is nothing quite like a gorgeous great gem!

Marlows diamonds eternity ring blog cover

Three Fun Facts about Eternity Rings

We thought we'd share three of our favourite facts about eternity rings to give you a bit more of an idea about why they are so special.

Marlows multi stone blog cover

Multi-Stone Rings – Different Diamond Settings

Selecting an engagement ring can be really overwhelming, so how do you begin the process of selecting a ring that your partner will love?

Marlows Push Present blog cover

The Rise in Push Present Diamond Rings

We already have engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity rings, but now British women are becoming more likely to add a fourth.

diamond challenge 01

The Significance of Giving Diamonds as Gifts

Indeed, the giving of a diamond ring is a very powerful gesture as it often represents unconditional love & genuine commitment.

Marlows Extraterrestrial blog Cover

Where Do Extraterrestrial Diamonds Come From?

Well, the short answer is that nobody knows, exactly. In fact scientists have argued over where extraterrestrial diamonds come from for years now.

Marlows Finger shape blog Cover

How to Choose a Ring to Flatter Your Hand and Finger Shape

You wouldn't rush into buying a dress without knowing what suits your size, and you certainly shouldn't do the same with a ring.

Marlows Fine Diamonds blog Cover

How to Buy Fine Diamond Jewellery in the 21st Century

When you are searching for a diamond online, all online companies show you the cheapest diamonds first. There is a reason for it.

Marlows Simply Diamonds blog Cover

Simply diamonds

Yes, women do love diamond engagement rings and accept them with gratitude. That is not the only diamond in a woman's life though.

Marlows Lord of the rings blog cover

Become Lord of the Rings with the Ideal Engagement Ring

It is now quite common practice for the couple to choose the ring together following the proposal just as they would with the wedding rings.

Marlows diamonds Multi ring blog cover

Solitaire, Multi-Stone, Which Ring Should You Choose?

Narrowing in on an engagement ring is difficult, and especially when you not only have a lot of options to choose from.

Marlows diamonds eternity ring blog cover

Express Your Love with Eternal Diamond Eternity Rings

Your love is pure, and you want your special someone to feel happy and beautiful about this. An Eternity ring signifies unending love.

Marlows Diamonds Pink Diamond Blog Cover

What are Argyle Pink Diamonds and why are they so Rare?

Argyle pink diamonds are one of the rarest natural diamonds you will find on Earth. What is it about these gems that make them so impressive?

Cushiopn Diamond Blog Tile

Cushion Shape Diamonds – The truth

Find out why a cushion shape diamond is the preferred shape for celebrities and savvy consumers...

5 killer quora answers on diamond engagement rings

5 Killer Quora Answers on Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are some of the answers to very important questions you may have while looking for an engagement ring for your loved one.

diamond cluster blog image 1

The Single Stone Diamond vs The Diamond Cluster.

So, you think you've found the one? Congratulations! If the time has come to take your relationship to the next level and you want to ask the all-important question, you need to buy a ring first!

Romantic Holiday Blog Image

Top 5 Tips for Hiding an Engagement ring on your Romantic Holiday.

When you've invested in the perfect engagement ring for your soulmate, you may be considering asking the life-changing question whilst on a romantic holiday. Thousands of people get engaged abroad every year and it's understandable why...

Push Present Blog Image

The rise in Push Present Diamond Rings

We already have engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings, but now British women are becoming more likely to add a fourth ring to their set the push present diamond ring. A push present is a gift given by a father to a mother to commemorate the birth of their child, and can be given before or after the babys birth.

The Diamond Challenge blog

The Diamond Challenge.

Have you done all the research you can? Are you ready to buy the right diamond for that someone special? 100% sure you have made the right choice of diamond certificate? Have you decided on the correct choice of engagement ring...

D Colour Diamond Image

To D or not to D.

Pippa Middleton’s recent engagement has sparked a surge of interest in her ring. The first thing one notices and discusses when an engagement is announced, whether you are famous or not so famous, is the central rock...

Black Diamond Blog

Black Diamonds – What are they and where are they from?

Choosing a black diamond, or a Carbonado, is one of the most confusing and difficult things to do when looking for a ring. These black diamonds are a hot new fashion trend among brides to be, though it’s worth noting that due to a massive price variance, among other things, you really want to shop around before buying a particular stone.

eternity ring blog

The Right Time to Buy an Eternity Ring

There is often a debate about when to purchase an eternity ring for your partner, and this may discourage many men from buying a ring in case they are giving it to their soul mate at the wrong time.

Marlows diamond not keen on your ring blog cover

Gold vs Platinum Diamond Ring

When choosing a diamond ring it is often the style that attracts you rather than whether it has been set in platinum or white gold or yellow gold.

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