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Beautiful Bracelets from Marlow’s

There are many different types of bracelet on offer these days, but none can quite compete with the sophistication and charm of diamond bracelets. These items are the epitome of beauty and femininity. Unlike certain other types of jewellery, these elegant bands never go out of fashion. They look just as good decades after they are first worn as they do when they are created. Long after many of the other items in your jewellery collection have fallen out of favour and been replaced, you can rest assured that your gleaming diamond bracelets will still be there, as alluring as ever.

All of the bracelets on offer here at Marlow’s diamonds have a refined, luxurious appearance. However, this doesn’t mean that each of the items looks the same. In fact, we offer an impressive range of products. Whether you’re after something bold or dainty, modern or traditional, we can help.

Perhaps you’ll take a shine to the diamond tennis bracelets on offer. These items have long been popular among the discerning consumer, but they gained further popularity and took on their unusual moniker after former number one tennis player Chris Evert stopped a match during the 1987 US Open. She wanted time to find her diamond bracelet, which had broken and come off during play. Now one of the most fashionable items of jewellery available, these creations feature a long, elegant line of beautiful diamonds

If one line of gems isn’t enough, you have the option of selecting bracelets that feature three delicate diamond strands. These items are bound to make a big impression and they are ideal for formal, dressy occasions.

Delicate single strand bracelets also look fabulous and we offer versions featuring evenly spaced round brilliant gems, as well as products with clusters of diamonds set in a floral design. These products can complement any outfit, from simple  everyday clothes to classy eveningwear.  

The majority of our bracelets are white gold, but we also offer yellow gold bracelets, so you shouldn’t struggle to find versions that perfectly match your tastes and preferences.

To help you create a completely coordinated look, why not invest in some matching earrings and perhaps even a pendant too? Our product descriptions will point you to any complementary jewellery that is featured within our collection. This can help you to accessorise your outfits in style.

You needn’t bust your budget when shopping for bracelets with us either. Our items come in a range of price brackets and you can alter the cost of many of our bracelets by adjusting the size of the diamonds that form their focal point. This gives you added flexibility when you’re searching for that perfect product.

Regardless of the bracelet you opt for, you can be sure that you’ll benefit from the highest standard of gemstone and craftsmanship. All of our diamonds are premium quality and our jewellery is made using the very best techniques. If you’d like to see our creations in person, you can visit us in the heart of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.


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