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Engagement Rings

When choosing the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life, you should look no further than Marlow’s Diamonds. We are expert high-class diamond jewellers who have been trading for over three generations. When it comes to finding a flawless piece of jewellery, Marlow’s Diamonds are the specialists in rings of a premium cut, colour and clarity. Every single one of our rings comes with independent certificates from internationally recognised bodies such as GIA America. Your dream engagement ring is waiting here at Marlow’s Diamonds. An engagement ring is a token of love and affection that comes from the heart, which means searching for a diamond ring that really reflects the love you and your partner share. At Marlow’s Diamonds, we are renowned for providing superb quality. When you choose an engagement ring from Marlow’s Diamonds, you can rest assured that you are receiving and exquisite ring, created by jewellers who are truly passionate about their craft. We can guarantee that every single one of our diamonds is conflict free. At Marlow’s Diamonds, are rings are as ethical as they are beautiful.

Diamond Rings

As expert jewellers, we understand that every engagement is unique. This is why we have diamond rings to truly suit every taste. Your partner may prefer the luxury of a yellow gold band, for a truly opulent look. Alternatively, they may have a more contemporary style and prefer a white gold or platinum ring. We understand that you will want to pick something that truly reflects the personality of your loved one. This is exactly why our diamond settings are sure to suit the variety of cuts, carats, colours and clarities we provide. We stock a huge variety of engagement rings, which means that when you find the perfect ring – you will never have to wait for the ring to be sourced. However, if you are searching for a truly unique piece of jewellery, why not choose a customised engagement ring from Marlow’s Diamonds? We will listen attentively to all of your requirements, in order to provide you with the most gorgeous gift to present to your loved one. Our bespoke service is the perfect way to demonstrate how much though and preparation has gone into creating the dream proposal.

Why choose Marlow’s Diamonds?

Marlow’s Diamond has been trading in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter for more than three generations. We are a family business that specialise in stunning jewellery for both manufacture and wholesale. With traditional family values at the core of our business, we understand the importance of showing your loved ones just how much you care. Our engagement rings are not only of a supreme quality, but they are also delicately designed to celebrate the love and compassion shared between two people. For an engagement ring that says it all, visit us in store at our Birmingham store, or simply purchase online. If you require more information about our engagement rings, or you want to call to discuss our bespoke service, call us now on 0121 236 4415. One of our diamond professionals will be happy to answer all of your questions about our range and will guide you to choose the ideal engagement ring for your partner. For a proposal that will always end in a resounding ‘yes,’ visit Marlow’s Diamonds today.